I'm Cameron J McMillan, a 3D artist & HTML5 game developer from Scotland

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I'm a 3D artist and JavaScript Game Developer from Ayrshire, Scotland. During my time at university I focused mainly on environment modelling, using a wide variety of packages such as Autodesk Maya and Mudbox, NewTek Lightwave, nDo2 and SpeedTree. This concluded in creating a western themed town scene combining models and textures from these packages into the UDK game engine to create a fully playable game level.

This is me

Outwith modelling, I have a great deal of experience in using other creative computer packages such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premier Pro, and Audacity. In my recent role as lead game developer for a Glasgow based start up, I have developed my knowledge and understanding of digital media programming, advancing my learning into client side languages such as JavaScript, Typescript, HTML5, C++ and CSS.

I have led several HTML5 JavaScript game projects, contributing to every part of progress, from design to implementation. These have including both live educational and web-based casual social media content.

3D Modelling
Web Design
Game Development
Image/video marketing


Whether to ask questions, discuss collab opportunities, leave comments, or even just say hello, simply send me a message and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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